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1 Surety: 0 Robinson, Charles Frank (I2607)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2566)
3 Birth Surety: 0 Shell, Rupert John (I2567)
4 Birth Surety: 0 Shell, Veronica Mary (I2598)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2599)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2602)
7 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Frederic (I2615)
8 Birth Surety: 0 Aldous, Georgiana Maria (I2549)
9 Birth Surety: 0 Aldous, Elizabeth May (I2601)
10 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Charles (I2616)
11 Birth Surety: 0 Perkins, Michael Bernard (I2620)
12 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Edward Francis (I2600)
13 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Eric John Leslie (I2593)
14 Birth Surety: 0 Giles, Elizabeth (I2592)
15 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Ellen Jane (I2614)
16 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Helen Elizabeth May (I2605)
17 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, George (I2548)
18 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Dora Jessie (I2571)
19 Birth Surety: 0 Robinson, Mary (I2617)
20 Death Surety: 0 Aldous, Georgiana Maria (I2549)
21 Death Surety: 0 Giles, Elizabeth (I2592)
22 Death Surety: 0 Robinson, Eric John Leslie (I2593)
23 Death Surety: 0 Aldous, Elizabeth May (I2601)
24 Death Surety: 0 Perkins, Michael Bernard (I2620)
25 Death Surety: 0 Robinson, Kate Dorothy (I2609)
26 Death Surety: 0 Robinson, Edward Francis (I2600)
27 Death Surety: 0 Robinson, George (I2548)
28 Death Surety: 0 Robinson, Dora Jessie (I2571)
29 (Research):The Whole Family emigrated to Canada 20 Dec 1836 Watling, William (I1570)
30 (Research):Wato would suggest this is LA Cusson and places the marriage in 1859
Need to check this out 
Gisson, Lucy Ann (I1508)
31 1010 THE POTTERY GAZETTE. November 1, 1893

Alleged Cruelty.-David Pulford, earthenware and china warehouseman, was summoned last month at the Stowmarket Petty Sessions, on the information of one of the inspectors of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, charged with cruelty to a mare ; and Edward Groom, a carman in the employ of Mr. Pulford, was charged with working the mare while in an unfit state. Inspector Strand said on Thursday, September 21, at 3.30, while in Bury-street, Stowmarket, he saw a black mare attached to a wagon laden with earthenware. He noticed the animal to be in poor condition, and apparently weak. He stopped Groom, who said he had just been to Needham Market, and was going home. The stables being not far off, witness went there and examined the mare. He found the near fore-knee lacerated and discharging. A bad bruise was on the inside of the near fetlock ; on the back was a wound about the size of a five-shilling piece, on which was placed a piece of rag. Ho asked (Irooni if he knew the mare had a sore back, and he said, "Yes," adding that he had called someone's attention to it. -Inspector Phillip, who saw the mare, deposed that the withers were raw from a wound. There was also a wound on the off fetlock, and on the left knee there was an old wound.-The Bench decided to hear another case against Mr. Pulford before giving their decision. The inspector deposed that after seeing the mare he went to Mr. Pulford and asked him if he was aware the mare's back was sore. He said he was, but did not think it was so bad. Witness told Mr. Pulford that under the most favourable circumstances the sore on the back would take a week to heal.-Mr. Pulford, who conducted his own case, called Alfred Edwards, who stated that he had been with Mr. Pulford over six years, and had full control of the trade horses. This mare's back was not sore when he sent it out on the morning of September 21, and whatever happened to it occurred during that day. The animal only travelled 3 miles ; had he thought it unfit to go out, he had another horse standing in the stable.-Mr. Frank Oakes said on Friday, September 22, he saw the black mare, and found the withers hard and dry. The animal did not flinch in the least when he nipped them, nor were they tender. He saw no wounds, nor was the skin broken. In his opinion, Mr. Pulford would be the last man to ill-treat any horse.-Mr. Pulford having addressed the Bench in defence, the Chairman said the magistrates did not think there was sufficient evidence to convict within the meaning of the Act, but there were sufficient .grounds to bring the case before them. The costs would be remitted. 
Pulfer, David (I4081)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5472)
33 16th November 1748 baptised Sarah Riches base daughter of Elizabeth. Riches, Sarah (I1818)
34 18 Nov 1839 William Pulfer bat, fellmonger of Union Street father William Pulfer (fellmonger) to Catherine Grace March sp, of St Helens parish, father Joseph March (butcher). Family F1170
35 1824 Staioner of Wickham Skeith


Week ending 26th March David Pulford buried St Botolph 
Pulford, David (I2717)
36 1841 census Film/Folio No:- HO/107/1015/3 Sch. 6 Page 7 - Hinton, hamlet of Blythburgh

Bridge, aged 25yrs - agricultural labourer
Anne, aged 25yrs
Samuel, aged 7yrs
Ann, aged 5yrs
Emma, aged 1yr. 
Saunders, Bridge (I1466)
37 1841 Census - At home Pulford, Harriet (I2789)
38 1841 Census on the same page
Martha Pulford 50 Char-woeman
Mary 20 L L 
Pulfer, George (I639)
39 1851 - Film/Folio No:- HO/107/1803 - 312 - Hinton in Blythburgh

William aged 2yrs born Westleton
Elizabeth, aged 8yrs born Hinton
Bridges(m) aged 37yrs born Stoven
Ann aged 38yrs born Walberswick
Sarah, aged 72yrs born Westleton

Emma who would have been 11 is not here. It is possible that Elizabeth was a new daughter who went on to be called Emma? 
Saunders, Bridge (I1466)
40 1861 Census - At grandfathers home (James Pulford) Brooks, Samuel (I2751)
41 1861 Census - At grandfathers home (James Pulford) Brooks, Sarah (I2761)
42 1881 cencus for Tormoham gives age 22 and born london Pulford, Emily (I2333)
43 1881 cencus for Tormoham shows birthplace Pulford, Janet Maud (I2315)
44 1881 Census - At home
1901 Census - Teamster on farm at brothers home (George) 
Brooks, Walter Henry (I2816)
45 1881 Census - At home Brooks, Robert (I2773)
46 1881 Census - At home Brooks, Selina (I2784)
47 1881 Census - At home Brooks, Jonathan (I2795)
48 1881 Census - At home Brooks, William (I2806)
49 1881 Census - Scholar
1891 Census - Confectioner 
Spink, Herbert (I2791)
50 1881 Census Name Relation Marital Status Gender AgeBirthplaceOccupation Disability John C A NDLER Head M Male55Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England Surgeon M.R.C.S.Eng L.S.A.AnneC A NDLER Wife M Female 47 Harleston, Norfolk,EnglandElizabeth Ann CANDLER Da u r U Female 24Harleston,Norfolk, England Charles CANDLER Son UMale 18Ha r leston, Norfolk, England Solicitors ArticledClerk EdmundCANDLER Son Male 7 Har l eston, Norfolk,EnglandScholar Mary HARVEY Serv Female 19Fundenhall,Norfolk, Engl a nd Housemaid Domestic Serv ElizaWADE ServFemale 15 Long Stratton, Norfolk, Englan d HousemaidDomestic Serv Source Information: DwellingRedenhallRoad Census Place R edenha ll, Norfolk, England FamilyHistoryLibrary Film 1341473 Public Records Office Refer enceRG 11Piece / Folio 1965 / 68 Page Number 11 Candler, John (I2556)

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